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Posted 5 days ago

Another idea Brian Visaggio and I are cooking up. he’s on twitter (@strongholdcomic) you should holler at him.
He’s the writer and the I’m the artist, but he’s got a thing for graphic design and did this cover mock up. When we finish Book 1 of Stronghold we’re gonna jump into this sucker.

Posted 5 months ago

Art School Confidential

Every now and then I think about the art I made freshman year of college. And an overwhelming wave of shame washes over me, and I pray no one remembers anything I did. Does anyone else ever feel this way?

I graduated 7 years ago.

Posted 5 months ago


Slowly coming along. I’m thinking this will be a ‘heroes’ banner and I’ll do a companion ‘villains’ banner to go next to it.

Posted 5 months ago





Harold Ramis tribute piece. RIP-1944-2014

This should not only have like 3 notes

It’s up for sale now! Get a high quality print!

Posted 5 months ago


I need new tires. Tires expensive. COMMISSION TIIIME!♫

Not to mention pulling money together for comic conventions this year. So! Send me your desires, and a little bit of money, and I will bring your wishes to life!
On to business.
I’ll draw/paint anything you like as long as it’s not pornographic.
I require half payment up front and half upon completion. Then I will send you the full high resolution version of your image (or if you commissioned a painting, you’ll get that in the mail).

Black and White face: $10


Black and White full body character: $20


Color Face: $20


Color Full Character: $30


I also do acrylic paintings at 16x24 -usually between $200 and $300 dollars (depending on what you require) if you’re feeling fancy. I will ship them to you, for a limited time only, at no extra cost to you.




(Any friends out their please signal boost this!)

Posted 6 months ago

Slightly updated final version with hand-drawn katakana in the background. They expressed some concerns with recycling the pre-existing title logo. So, here we go. Kept it loose though. Didn’t want to just trace it verbatim.

Posted 6 months ago


Annnnd it’s done.

ha. surprised to see this is still getting around. shameless self boost!

Posted 6 months ago

IT'S HERE! Stronghold Vol. 1: The Chains - Comics by comiXology


It’s 81 pages of full color comic goodness for .99 cents. That’s how serious we are about getting new readers on board. You won’t be disappointed. If you like science fiction, action, and great characters, this is an indie comic that doesn’t disappoint. We’ve got so much in store for this and we really hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Friends, if you would, please reblog this and help me get the word out. It means everything to me. I hope you all like it.

Posted 6 months ago


Cover art done! Took forever just to come up with the initial concept. It’s a plot heavy issue so there wasn’t any big explosive moment to exploit as cover fodder. I had fun with this one though once I got the image concept. Special thanks again to shutuptres. Issues 1-3 will be available for sale, Wednesday morning, 2/5/14, sometime between 9 and 10 am!

It’s a 3 in 1 special for .99 to try and pull in new readers. I hope you give it a shot!

Posted 7 months ago

Art Noobs Be Like

How do I draw [everything?]

Is there a way for me to become a master artist, find my own voice, and have my bed made in the next 48 hours?

Posted 7 months ago

You see a lot of people asking for advice on how to draw [blank]

And all I can think is… go find pictures and real life references of [blank] and study them. Why is this such a foreign mysterious concept? 

Save some money for a not-too-expensive-but-not-too-shitty camera and go take some damn reference pictures. Draw from your own photos, stock photos, life observation.. why do people act like there’s some trick to just knowing how to draw something? Get outta here!

Posted 7 months ago


I haven’t painted in 4 years and I was terrible at it but I really wanna be good at it

Yeah, after being a completely discouraging pursuit, it turns out rewarding when you get it right. I dunno. part of me is actually terrified of painting.

Cuz you were doing something else. Truth is there’s only so much time to do any one thing so you’re either doing this or that. As long as you’re doing something productive you shouldn’t feel bad. Finished work, sketchbook, this medium or that, just stay moving. You’re going to learn, by the cruel truth that despite your best efforts, you can’t do everything you want at the same time. As long as you’re working and learning and growing in some way. It’s not that you’re afraid of painting, that’s nothing to be afraid of, in and of itself. You’re just afraid of making shitty art, which is the same as everyone else. Take comfort in the fact that you’re not special in any way (and are not expected to get shit right the first time you try it) and your first attempts at something will inevitably suck, and that’s just life. Even if you like what you do, a year or two later you’re probably gonna look at it and groan in embarrassment. Also, you don’t have to show everyone work you’re not proud of. If you don’t like it, no one has to know it exists. What we see is entirely up to you. If you’re struggling and want feedback then, yeah, post it, pass it around at gatherings. But otherwise you can draw it, paint it, hate it, and burn it. Or throw it in the dumpster. 

The only way to be close to happy is to have the resolve to do what you’re interested in doing when the urge comes. You’ll go from one thing to the next. But you can’t do it all at the same time. Just don’t bitch out because it’s something you haven’t tried.

in short: make more things. if it sucks, or if it’s good, you still have to make more things.

Posted 7 months ago

I was determined to finish off this sketchbook by year’s end but only got the time today. Here’s shitty cellphone pictures of those pages.

Posted 10 months ago

Sorry for the out of focus ones. Although the slenderman is kind of appropriate as such. O_o RVACon commissions. making that money!

Posted 11 months ago

Girls as art periods

Impressionism Girls. Beautiful at a distance, but up close they just fall apart.
Surrealism Girls: Really interesting but I don’t know what the f* she’s talking about. You think she’s talking about one thing but it’s another. Half the time it’s a masturbation joke.
Cubism Girls: She rejects your ‘rules’ about shape, color and light and goes for an avante garde abstract style. And might have two eyes on the same side of her face. Maybe.
Modernism Girls: Acts cool but is really just stuck on 20th century affectations and has nothing interesting to say.

Dada Girls: Just a complete fucking mess. Mumbles about her cats before tossing a drink at you then running away laughing. She insists everything is meaningless (but swears she isn’t a hipster).

Rococo Girls: takes 5 hours to get ready to head out. Dressed in so many layers that going outdoors in any season but winter is a death sentence. Never shuts up about her outfit the entire time.